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Bora Bora
Bikes and Scooters Rentals

Rent a Bike or a Scooter

Riding around the island with a Bike or a Scooter, is the best way to discover the island of Bora Bora.

Upon arrival at the harbour of Vaitape, go to our Matira Jet Tours agency.

We have brand new scooters and bikes for rent !
We will show you on a map where the best places are, for you to enjoy your time, whether you are a sole traveller or a couple coming to celebrate your love !

Get around the Island of Bora Bora

Renting a Bike or a Scooter is the best way to enjoy time on the Island and move around freely.

Our latest Offers

Want to book your bike / scooter and get around the Island of Bora Bora ?

Photo by Million Mile Secrets


Our brand new bikes are smooth and fun to ride !

Photo by C Notre Tour


Our brand new Scooters are comfortable and easy to use !

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